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Welcome to the Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program!

Delivering Individualised & Personal Care

Thank you for your interest and generosity in becoming an Egg Donor at Cape Fertility, where we have been leading the way in egg donation since 1993!

Becoming an egg donor is truly one of the most magnificent and selfless altruistic gifts you can give another woman. Without your gift of an egg donation, these women are unable to conceive a child themselves, a child that they long for with all their heart.

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Your information is 100% confidential and will under no circumstances be made available to anybody else.

About Egg Donors

Egg Donors help others, they make a difference, they help create families. A woman that values compassion, hope & the miracle of life…that is an egg donor. Egg donation is a blessing for many couples who, without your help, may never have their dream of a family become a reality. Our donors express that their donation to another, as a selfless act of giving, in return gives them forever satisfaction that they have made a difference.

Build your own dream. Make a difference in someone’s life. Women helping women.

We Care with Experience

During your amazing egg donation process, you will be cared for by Specialist Fertility doctors and nurses, who have been looking after egg donors for many years and completed thousands of previous treatments safely.

Attention to the medical safety of our egg donors during the procedure is our primary concern, and Cape Fertility is one of the largest and most reputable fertility clinics in South Africa.

Cape Fertility has worked with thousands of egg donors. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions which we encourage you to read, be informed and realise the difference that you can make in the world of infertility.

Egg Donors Compensation

Egg donors cannot be paid for the eggs themselves, but they can be compensated for reasonable expenses for the procedure (irrespective of how many eggs you produced). The Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program offers the highest permissable compensation to our egg donors. The amount that egg donors receive in South Africa is based on National Guidelines from the South African Society for Reproductive Medicine (SASREG) and is currently R7000 per donation cycle. This amount is paid by us, directly to you, on the day of and after your egg donation. Should you decide to donate again, this compensation is paid to you for every egg donation cycle.


We need You! Join us!

Thousands of women have poor egg quality, and struggle to get pregnant using their own eggs. There are fewer egg donors than coulpes that are in need of eggs. That is where you can make a difference.

The Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program empowers women to help other women, to achieve their dream of becoming pregnant.

Our Donor Program is open to women of all ethnic backgrounds between the ages of 21 and 33 years of age.

We recognise you for the extraordinary person you are! We offer you:

  • Complete anonymity

  • Compensation of R7000 per egg donation, for your expenses for the procedure

  • Zero medical costs incurred

  • Dedicated one-on-one attention to make your egg donation a positive experience

  • Face to Face consultations with our experienced Egg Donor Co-Ordinator & team members

Why Choose to Donate With Us?

  1. We have been Leaders in Egg Donation for 25 YEARS
  2. THOUSANDS of egg donations performed
  3. Your MEDICAL Care is our Concern

We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly, professional & leading Fertility Clinic and Egg Donor Program!

With Care,

The Cape Fertility Egg Donor Team



I feel so privileged to be able to give someone this give of HOPE, of LIFE xxx

I am humbled by this experience.

The team at Cape Fertility were so helpful and kind through the whole process. Always checking up on me. I was made to feel so comfortable.

It would be an honour to help another family.

Thanks so much (Cape Fertility Egg Donor’s response on being selected to donate for a second time)

Here is my very long testimonial.

Where it all started for me.

Without me realizing it, this journey actually started for me in 2014. The year I lost my father due to leukaemia. For many people the donation of bone marrow can save their lives and heal the cancer, for him unfortunately bone marrow would not have helped, the cancer was too far spread.

Seeing so many families waiting for that one donor that can change their lives, made me want to become a donor.

I started the process of becoming a bone marrow donor, I was the perfect candidate, young and health, But the very last question was: Are you a direct relative of anyone that has leukaemia. My answer of course was yes.

I was not allowed to donate…

This was the worst feeling ever, I felt like this one purpose in life I had was now gone.

But life did not stand still, in 2017 my daughter Mikayla was born, in the beginning of 2018 we lost our second baby at 14 weeks, in the same year we got pregnant again with a baby boy.

I was around 6 months pregnant , when I walked into a doctor’s appointment.
At the back of the toilet door, a pamphlet of becoming an egg donor…
I knew immediately that this was what I needed to do, what I was meant to do.
I went online and searched for the best fertility clinic in South Africa and read everything there was to read.

But of course I could not donate while I was pregnant, I did however register and got the process started.

The 21 December 2018 our baby boy Daniel was born.

And now I was on the list, waiting for a family to choose me.
It was not a long wait. In March 2019 a family chose me to be their donor. And so my journey began…

The process and what I did not expect

There is a lot of information about this process to read up on, how it’s done and what to expect, but not a lot of information about woman who actually went through this process.

The first appointment is a lot of talking with all the doctors about the process, then you have a talk with one of the psychologists to make sure you are in good mental and emotional health to do this. Then blood tests to make sure you are in good physical health.

Then around a month later you start injections. Once a day in your stomach for a week. This is a very small needle and does not hurt at all.
The following week I was back in Cape town, booked into a guest lodge not far from the clinic. I flew down the Friday , that morning I had my first appointment, to check how the eggs are growing, this they check with an internal sonar. More injections followed, now two injections twice a day, this also did not hurt. During the week I had several appointments to make sure that everything is going good. The Thursday I had to take my last injection, because the following day I would have my procedure.

Friday 21 June 2019 was D-day! The morning 10:00 I was at the clinic, the nurse gave me a gown to wear and then I was in the theatre. 20 minutes later I was out. I did not feel any pain, they kept me for around an hour to make sure I’m fine and then they sent me home. I got a chance to speak to the doctor that confirmed that I was able to donate 17eggs.

Would I do it again

I feel so blessed to have been a part of this journey, to be able to help a family with the most amazing gift of all. Except for the amount of time the process took, there was no negative.
I would do this again and again knowing that I can help in this way. Thank you to the family for choosing me!

I had such a wonderful experience being a first time donor. In the beginning I was in two minds, one side excited to help a couple become a family but on the other hand too scared because of the procedure that awaits.

I eventually decided to send in my application, everything went smooth. Then I waited until I was chosen by a couple. This is the most exciting part for me, to get a call saying you were chosen.

Meeting the doctors at Cape Fertility Clinic was very reassuring as they explain everything in detail and they are very kind hearted and you can tell this is their passion. Linda who did the bookings, kept in contact with me..I call her mama Linda as she really cares about you and your well being and is there every step of the way.

In all honesty, for me personally the injections were the most challenging part but you overcome it quickly, the extraction itself was a breeze as you get put to sleep. The recovery is fairly quick and pain minimal.

This is not a quick fix type of donation, your intentions really need to be in the right place. I’m a regular blood donor and for me this was far more rewarding to help a couple conceive life. I will definitely do it again in a heart beat and really encourage anyone who considers donating to try it, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you to all that was involved, you all made me feel of the utmost importance and can really commend you all on an absolute great service and I look forward to doing it again. God bless you for the great work you are doing!

Being a first time egg donor for me was very nerve wrecking. Having to go through the whole process of being able to help someone else become a mother has now become the number one, biggest highlight of my life. The Cape Fertility staff were absolutely amazing, from the front help (Bonny) to the doctor’s (Dr Oosthuizen) and the Dr that performed the procedure.

Not forgetting the nurses, they were all so friendly and motherly making me relax until it was over. Thank you nurse Diana, an absolutely lovely women, inside and out. I was only around her for 2/3 hours but she definitely made an impression, making me want to come back and donate again and again.

The Cape Fertility Clinic staff are by far the best people inside and out and make this whole entire process so meaningful and easy.

March 2019 Cape Fertility Egg Donor

Good morning Dawn,
Hope this email finds you well. I am thankful for all the help you put towards making sure we had the perfect donor. She was indeed great, I didn’t meet her in person, but I felt her spirit… I prayed for her every day I thought of her.
I understand that going through the egg donation process for someone as young as her is such a brave decision and not to talk about the medications and giving herself all the injections, then going through the egg retrieval process…I can’t seem to thank her enough. I am grateful!
I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this. But I just felt in my heart that I needed to do this…. find attached a letter I wrote to her on egg retrieval day….
Thank you for all you do

Id like to say thank you for your constant support & allowing me this opportunity to give someone a family of their own.
This has been my 3rd donation & would like to donate AGAIN.

My 1st donation was nerve-wrecking because I didn’t quite know what to expect, however it was an amazing experience. Dr Heylen made me feel so comfortable on each check up & was very open & supportive.
My 2nd experience, I was ready, I felt more at ease because I know knew what to expect & with Dr Heylen again, I felt relaxed.

My 3rd donation, my doctors had changed to Dr Le Roux & he was just as amazing.
By this time I didn’t have to ask any questions, I felt so used to everything already & it felt good!

Id just like to say thank you for allowing me this opportunity to give a life & I really appreciated all the support received.

To all the future mothers, may you be blessed with a beautiful gift of life & cherish it forever.
I hope I changed lives & have brought so much joy.

I hope to be coming for my 4th donation very soon again.

(Cape Fertility Egg Donor, September 2019)

Thank you very much for passing my message to my donor.
I didn’t expect to receive a message from the donor at all!! That is amazing, and it made my heart very warm. I’ve never felt the feelings before…
Today is her first scan at CFC, I am praying that everything is going well.
(From a recipient after anonymous letter she sent to her donor)

Dear Donor of ours,
Today is the day……. I know this process has felt like the longest few weeks of your life. I can only imagine how you feel.
I am writing to say THANK YOU for choosing to donate this gift of yours to me.
No amount of thank yous can Express my gratitude towards you but I pray for nothing but a beautiful and fruitful life ahead!

All round it was a wonderful experience and the cape fertility center really do the extra mile when caring for the donors. The concern from the caregivers are sincere and warm. Dr Oosthuizen was a blessing, she always made me feel supported and involved in the medical side of things.Through all four of my donation cycles, I felt informed, respected and very well taken care of. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Egg donation is a serious commitment but it’s also a priceless gift to give a childless couple. I feel so honoured to have been chosen to have this pivotal role in creating new life.

Overall, all my experiences were wonderful. I absolutely love the staff and would definitely donate again. This has been a life changing experience and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I would recommend donating to anyone who is capable and willing because you are granting someone’s wish and creating a miracle, and that feeling is unbelievably satisfying. Just knowing that I helped or at least tried to help someone start a family is worth it to me.
(Cape Fertility Egg Donor August 2019)

Even if this was my second donation the experience was still very special to me as if it was the first time, the second time around I knew what to expect but I still got excited when I would see my scans and Dr Oosthuizen was an absolute star the way she would explain the process, she even gave me a photo of my follicles and it’s something I will hold dearly to my heart as I always try to keep a souvenir every time I donate.
Everyone at Cape Fertility is what I call ‘earth angels’ they make you feel right at home with every scan or pick up and that’s probably why I would always go back to being a donor for Cape Fertility and also because their chocolate muffins they gave when you wake up after the procedure is absolutely divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to the entire team and to you Zaahira for checking up on me and coming to see me ? I know this will not be the last Cape fertility will see me.
(Cape Fertility Egg Donor, August 2019)

Good day Linda

I am not just honored for the experience but also happy that I can give someone a chance to a family.

My experience at the clinic was unexplainable. The staff there are so caring and attentive, they made my whole experience so easy to go through. I remember all their names, because they always check up on me before and after the retrieval to see if im ok.

I will and sure would like to do it again. No hesitation…

Thank you and the staff @CFC

I’ve donated more than once and the reason I could go back was because the process was not physically nor emotionally draining. The doctors and nurses are super nice and caring, in fact the whole staff is just friendly and helpful. The injections are not painful at ll, except for the itchy-orange one which you probably have to do just twice. There is so much care until the procedure and I felt fine.
Thank you (Cape Fertility Egg Donor June 2019)

Thank you very much for such clear procedures. We have received the documents.
We personally thank you for having provided an excellent accompaniment, with much professionalism, compassion and care to enable us to reach a crucial point in our lives. We feel fully reassured. We are sure that other couples shall benefit tremendously from your expertise.
(International recipients June 2019)

Good day,
I had a lovely experience as an egg donor. It’s such an honour to be able to help someone build their family. I would gladly do it again.
(Cape Fertility Egg Donor, July 2019)

Being an egg donor was an amazing experience for me. It’s something that I’ve always thought of doing and having this opportunity to help out another was very fulfilling. The staff were extremely helpful and I always felt safe and comfortable, even moments before the retrieval. I never felt alone in this process and I would definitely donate again to help somebody else start their family. Thank you so much. (Egg Donor, August 2019)

Hey Zaahira,

Thank u for your email 💜

I spent the rest of my day sleeping and being pampered by everyone here at home 😊 sorry for the late response.

I actually feel so good after the retrieval today cos I can actually help someone have a family.

After taking some time out to think about today I can say I’ll do it again if u need me to.

I do have a little pain but I’m taking pain meds.

Thank you to your wonderful staff, the doctor, nurses even the receptionist.

Kind regards,

(Cape Fertility Egg Donor, July 2019)

Dear Dawn,
Thanks so much for your time and kindness you gave me. You are so lovely and you were my rock to get me through all this. 🙂
All the best and hugs. (International Recipient July 2019)

I have been dealing with a number of egg donor clinics but no one seemed to understand what I was going through better than Dawn. Her kind and supportive words were so helpful through an emotionally challenging time.
Warm regards
Egg Donor Recipient, March 2019

Thank you so much in supporting us both through this journey and most importantly locating our perfect donor, especially since we are from another country. Your expertise and wealth of knowledge has been comforting to us making this stress-less and reassuring through this initial process. Dawn your level of communication and replies has been second to none, in responding to all our concerns and questions we had.

On a personal level this made us feel like we weren’t just another client, but feel you sincerely want us to fulfil our dreams, understanding the complexity of this journey.

Thank you once again for making the whole process thus far seamless, and being that person we have entrusted to find us the perfect match, forever grateful !!

Thank you very much Dawn,
You made the selection process effortless, that I know is not. You are always available and responding to our emails literally within 30 minutes. You are awesome, we greatly appreciate your help especially during this process.
May our Lord guide you to continue helping families that are travelling this emotional journey.
(USA Recipient of egg donation).

The medical team and assisting personnel were all friendly, direct and helpful. They made everything simple and yet extraordinary. I was taken great care of and am blessed to have had the privilege to assist in building a family.

Thanks so much for your continued support. We both really do appreciate all your efforts, you are by far the stand out contact across the donor agencies with your genuine communication style and quick replies. You provide a great first impression of CFC” Australian Recipient Couple Feb 2019

We respect our Donors and Recipients privacy and as such no names are included.

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