Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program.

First choice for egg donors.

As a potential egg donor, it is extremely important that you be assured that the clinic at which you donate is world-class. Your care is our priority when you donate with us.

Dawn Blank is General Manager of the Cape Fertility Egg Donation Program, assisting Intended Parents since 2008.

Linda Krebser is Egg Donor Support Coordinator of the Egg Donor Program, supporting all our Donors before, during and after their egg donation. She has been the egg donor “mother” to thousands of egg donors since 2008.

We are not an egg donor agency.

Egg donor agencies assist various fertility clinics by recruiting egg donors, to donate at these different clinics across South Africa. When you are selected to donate via an egg donor agency / program, you may end up donating at any one of South Africa’s fertility clinics.

Joining the Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program means that you are joining the medical facility directly and not going through an egg donor agency.

Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program assures you that the clinic at which you are donating is a leading South African Fertility Clinic, and has been for the past 25 years.

We offer our Egg Donors Individualised, Personal Care & Experience

Since 1993, Cape Fertility has specialised in helping couples realise their dreams of pregnancy via egg donation.

Cape Fertility is one of the top fertility clinic in South Africa. We manage a Premium Egg Donor Program.

Our highly qualified Specialist Doctors and nurses have facilitated 1000’s of egg donations – our experience is second to none.

Your personal care should matter most to you!

Put yourself in exceptional care with a dedicated team who are experienced in donor care and fertility treatment.

Your well-being is our Primary Promise.

The Cape Fertility Egg Donation Team and our esteemed Fertility Specialists that perform our donors’ egg donation.


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