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Dear Dawn, I’m very grateful to you for your patience, guidance and empathy throughout this process. There were many times I wanted to give up on ever finding a donor but having your support helped a ton. I can’t believe we’ve been trying since April to find someone! Thank you my love for holding this space for us for this long. Take care! With sincere gratitude.

Dear Dawn,
We really appreciate your support and availability throughout this process. As an international patient you exceeded our expectations to deliver a suitable donor within a short time frame in such a caring manner.
Aussie Couple

Dawn was a great help to us. Not only was she responsive and quick to answer all of our questions, but her friendly and caring nature made us feel like we were in the best of hands at all times.

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support and guidance I received from your agency throughout my journey of understanding the egg donation process and finding a suitable egg donor. Even though I reside in Mauritius and your agency is based in South Africa, the geographical distance proved to be no barrier to the exceptional service I received.

In a world where personal connection is often taken for granted, I was deeply touched by the genuine care and support I received, despite never having met your team in person.

Thank you for being an integral part of my journey and for making the dream of parenthood one step closer to reality.

Thank you Dawn you have been a 24 /7 angel even on Sundays??your help with finding a donor and the care and expertise and guidance makes one feel so safe thank you????

Dear Dawn,

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the time and attention you have given me in my journey of selecting an egg donor. I lack words to express my gratitude to you.

Kindly and patiently, you have been able to give me the relief and support I was hoping for. By your way of reacting promptly to all my messages despite your multiple obligations, of answering all my questions without tiring, you have been able to show a lot of kindness and humanity in a medical world where this is sometimes rare.

I had thought that I could give you, the day I am in Cape Town, a card written by my own hand, but I realize that it will be a little late and that is why I am sending you this email.

For all you have done for me, I pray to Almighty God to give you what your heart desires.

Again all my thanks.

Dawn, thank you for all your help in getting us to this point. At the start we had given you a reasonable list of traits we were seeking in a donor along with photographs from baby to teenager years, you sent us a very good selection of donors, 32 in total from your database. During our process of elimination we reduced this down to 8 in the first draft and out of these we found our donor. Your experience in sending us a very good first selection of donors made our selection process much easier. Thank you once again. Australian Recipient

On a personal note thank you so much for all your efforts in making this journey easy to navigate.
I would really recommend that everyone going through a similar journey reads Eggceptance, for me this book answered a lot of my questions and validated a lot of my emotions.
You have been so easy to communicate with and have been so prompt in your responses, and have made the experience a very personal one.
So thanks again for all your help!!

Dear Dawn,
Thanks so much for your time and kindness you gave me. You are so lovely and you were my rock to get me through all this. 🙂
All the best and hugs. (International Recipient July 2019)

My husband and I were extremely happy with the service we received from Dawn at Cape Fertility.
Dawn was always very professional, very helpful for my husband and I in the process of selecting our egg donor.
Dawn listened to what we wanted and always replied within a timely manner, considering how busy she is.
We would definitely recommend Dawn at Cape Fertility to anyone needing help finding an egg donor.
Thanks for all your help Dawn.

I have been dealing with a number of egg donor clinics but no one seemed to understand what I was going through better than Dawn. Her kind and supportive words were so helpful through an emotionally challenging time.
Warm regards
Egg Donor Recipient, March 2019

Thank you very much Dawn,
You made the selection process effortless, that I know is not. You are always available and responding to our emails literally within 30 minutes. You are awesome, we greatly appreciate your help especially during this process.
May our Lord guide you to continue helping families that are travelling this emotional journey.
(USA Recipient of egg donation).

Thanks so much for your continued support. We both really do appreciate all your efforts, you are by far the stand out contact across the donor agencies with your genuine communication style and quick replies. You provide a great first impression of CFC” Australian Recipient Couple Feb 2019

Dear Dawn, Your assistance and kindness in finding the right donor egg for me has been peerless in its compassion, professionalism and incredibly prompt and mindful communication.
Thank you for everything, please let me know if I can assist further. (Egg Donor Recipient)

I am glad that I went to the Cape Fertility Egg Donation Program with Dawn. Choosing an egg donor is a complex decision but with the personalised service we received, it made the entire process really smooth. We were able to find our lovely Donor together with Dawn and we are very grateful for her service and support. Thank you so much.

We have found Dawn a pleasure to work with. She has gone above and beyond in assisting us during and outside of hours. Our conversations with Dawn have been so helpful in getting our heads in the right place and she was also excellent when it came to matching donors.

Dear Dawn, Thank you so much for your assistance, support and guidance on my journey in finding the right treatment/process amongst all the different options for me. I hasn’t been easy for me to make a decision. Your experience and energy was invaluable for me and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and advice that you have given me throughout the whole process. Thank you for your encouragement to follow my dream of becoming a Mother. (Recipient 2021)

Dear Dawn, Thank you for your very prompt response to our enquiry in relation to the egg donation process. Your assistance has been both professional and compassionate and we felt very much assisted by you throughout the egg donor selection process. Your support throughout what could be a very daunting and difficult experience, was greatly appreciated.

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