Where to Donate Eggs in South Africa

There are many places in South Africa where you can donate your eggs if you are one of the very special group of women who donate eggs to make a difference and help other women create the families they long for.

But in our opinion, if you could choose to donate eggs anywhere in South Africa, there is really only one place to do so – at the world-renowned Cape Fertility Clinic in the world’s most beautiful city, Cape Town.

Even if you don’t live in Cape Town, you can still donate your eggs in this beautiful city. If you are selected as a Cape Fertility Clinic egg donor, we will arrange for you to travel to Cape Town and stay here for the duration of the egg donation process, at no charge to yourself!

Why Cape Town, South Africa?

The City of Cape Town in South Africa is a destination to experience! It is – according to travellers – the greatest city on the planet. Every year the UK’s “The Telegraph” surveys 39 000 people for its “Telegraph Travel Awards”, asking them what the greatest city in the world is.

For the seventh year in a row, breathtakingly beautiful Cape Town came out tops!

It is just one of this beautiful city’s many accolades, which also include Condé Nast’s Reader’s Choice Number One Food City in the World; Luxury City Destination of the Year in the Luxury Travel Guide Africa & Middle East Awards; One of the Top 10 cities in the world for travellers according to the Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel campaign; and “Favourite Overseas City” and Best Overseas City for Restaurants and Bars. With its colourful neighbourhoods and modern architecture, and its art galleries and variety of superb museums, Cape Town was also named a World Design Capital.

Cape Town offers first-world infrastructure and amenities, along with a focus on visitor safety, along with magnificent beaches, majestic mountains, unique floral kingdoms, pristine white beaches, some of the world’s finest wine routes along the Winelands, the iconic Robben Island and the famous V&A Waterfront.

Cape Town is renowned for its temperate weather year-round; its friendly, colourful people and its melting pot of cultures, flavours and rhythms. This world-class city is nestled at the foot of the world-renowned Table Mountain, a New7Wonders of Nature and a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is also an entertainment and shopping mecca: strike a bargain at the popular Greenmarket Square Flea Market, or enjoy the luxury of through sophisticated and stylish shopping malls like the fabulous V&A Waterfront.

How to choose where to donate eggs

When you are deciding where to donate eggs, your number one priority should be your health and safety. Don’t take unnecessary risks – take a cautious and careful approach, and be wise when deciding where to donate your eggs in South Africa.

Be sure to choose a facility – whether a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency – that is well-established and has extensive experience. Before you visit any facility where you can donate eggs, make sure that it is registered with the Southern African Society for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG), and has signed and agreed to SASREG’s guidelines. In addition, make sure that you fully understand the process and the risks associated with donating your eggs at the facility in question.

One option is to donate through an egg donor agency. These agencies assist various fertility clinics by recruiting egg donors to donate at these different clinics across South Africa, which means you may end up donating at any fertility clinic in the country.

By joining the Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program, you join the medical facility directly without going through an egg donor agency. It means you are assured that you are donating eggs at a leading South African fertility clinic, where you can expect dedicated one-on-one attention – including face-to-face consultations with our experienced specialist team members – to make your egg donation in the beautiful city of Cape Town a positive experience.

Why Cape Fertility Clinic?

There are other places in Cape Town where you can donate eggs, but in our opinion, there is no better place than Cape Fertility Clinic.

We have been leading the way in egg donation since 1993 and for the last 27 years we have worked with thousands of egg donors in a friendly, relaxed and caring environment at our advanced, purpose-built facilities in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Cape Fertility runs a Premium Egg Donation Program, with a large pool of high-quality donors within an excellent legal framework. In fact, we are committed to safe and legal egg donation practices and are registered with SASREG.

Your care is our priority and attention to your medical safety during the donation process is our primary concern when you donate through our premium Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program.

Cape Fertility is among the top fertility clinics in South Africa – one of the largest and most reputable fertility clinics in the country. Our modern sophisticated laboratory allows all the latest assisted conception techniques to be used with great success – including a highly successful program for women requiring egg donation – our pregnancy rates with egg donation are 60 – 70% per cycle!

In addition, at Cape Fertility Clinic, we have several of highly-qualified fertility specialists who are also impressively experienced, and supported by a dedicated team of IVF co-ordinators, embryologists, a psychologist available to provide additional counselling and even a Egg Donor Fairy God Mother and her team who are dedicated solely to taking the best care possible of our egg donors.

This means you can expect dedicated one-on-one attention – including face-to-face consultations with our experienced specialist team members – at Cape Fertility Clinic.

Don’t live in Cape Town?

It doesn’t matter where in South Africa you live. Even if you do not live in Cape Town, don’t worry… you can still donate in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

If you are chosen as an egg donor by parents-to-be at Cape Fertility Clinic and you don’t live in Cape Town, it is not a problem – all your travel to and from Cape Town and accommodation in Cape Town arrangements will be explained to you and all your expenses will be covered.

Your first step to donating your eggs in South Africa

If you are willing to donate eggs to help another woman fulfil her dream of having her own baby, you will be pleased to know that the first step is as simple as contacting us.

Simply fill in your contact details here, or contact our Egg Donor Fairy God Mother, Linda, on 066 22 55 003 or linda@capefertility.co.za. Your information is 100% confidential and will under no circumstances be made available to anybody else.

Linda has many years of experience supporting egg donors and a wealth of information to share. She will gladly answer your questions and guide you further in giving the gift of a lifetime. In addition, our team at Cape Fertility Clinic is there with you, supporting you, throughout your entire egg donation process, as well as after your egg donation is completed.

We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly, professional and leading Fertility Clinic and Egg Donor Program!

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