Ticking all the boxes for egg donors

Given the enormous worldwide shortage of egg donors and the rapidly growing number of couples requiring egg donations, a recent survey, which revealed some of the reasons why egg donations are made by only a small group of select women, makes for very interesting reading. These reasons include, for example, people not knowing about egg donation, never having been asked or limited access to information and facilities to make a donation safely.

Looking at these reasons, it is clear that many more potential egg donors will gladly make this amazing donation to help another couple to have a baby. In this article, we look at the reasons why egg donations are so desperately needed, share the survey findings, and show you where you will find the safest and best facilities to make a donation.

Around the world there is a shortage of egg donors.

This is a sad state of affairs, because donor eggs allow many people, who otherwise are unable to have children, to become parents. These include women who, due to their age or medical conditions, don’t produce viable eggs of their own, and whose only chance of having a baby is to use eggs donated by a younger woman. Men in same-sex relationships can also become parents with the help of an egg donor and a surrogate.

Because of the shortage of donors, people who need donor eggs must often join long waiting lists, or look for their own donor, such as a friend or relative, or travel to a country where they can access donor eggs.

Why people donate – and why they don’t

It is well-established that most eggs donors are motivated by altruism and a desire to help infertile people have children. Where donors are paid, this may also be a motivator, but payment is not allowed in most countries, and donors can only be compensated for their time and effort, and any expenses they incur.

To find out how more potential donors can be engaged, researchers in Australia surveyed 1,000 people about whether they had ever donated eggs or sperm and, if they did not, why not? Only eight of the 1,035 people surveyed had donated, the rest providing reasons for not donating that revealed four distinct themes.

* About 65% of those who had not donated said they would be willing to donate if certain conditions were met.

* Around 35% said that they “never really thought about it”, or “no-one ever asked me”.

* Approximately 20% were prevented from donating by barriers such as medical conditions, or did not meet the strict medical and mental health criteria for becoming a donor.

* Only a small number (12%) said that would not donate because of conscientious objections.

This shows that most people would consider becoming a donor if specified requirements were fulfilled, such as if they knew more about why egg donation was necessary or if they had more information about the donation process, if someone asked them or a family member or close friend needed the donation, or if their own family had been completed.

The survey also highlighted that donors’ wellbeing must be a priority and that reasonable compensation should be provided for the substantial time and effort required to make an egg donation.

The safest and best place to make an egg donation

There are many places in South Africa where you can donate your eggs if you are one of the very special group of women willing to donate eggs to help other women create the families they long for.

But in our opinion, there is only one place to donate eggs in South Africa – and that it at the world-renowned Cape Fertility in the world’s most beautiful city, Cape Town – where we tick all the boxes for those who are considering egg donation.

When you are deciding where to donate eggs, your number one priority should be your health and safety. Don’t take unnecessary risks – take a cautious and careful approach. Only choose a well-established facility registered with the Southern African Society for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG) and committed to safe and legal egg donation practices. Also make sure you fully understand the process and the risks associated with donating your eggs.

When you donate through our premium Cape Fertility Egg Donor Program, your care is our priority and attention to your medical safety during the donation process is our primary concern.

Cape Fertility is among the top fertility clinics in South Africa – one of the largest and most reputable fertility clinics in the country. Our modern sophisticated laboratory allows all the latest assisted conception techniques to be used with great success – including a highly successful program for women requiring egg donation – our pregnancy rates with egg donation are 60 – 70% per cycle!

By joining us, you are assured that you are donating eggs at a leading South African fertility clinic, where you can expect dedicated one-on-one attention – including face-to-face consultations with our experienced specialist team members – to make your egg donation a positive experience.

We have been leading the way in egg donation since 1993 and for the last 30 years we have worked with thousands of egg donors in a friendly, relaxed and caring environment at our advanced, purpose-built facilities in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

In addition, at Cape Fertility Clinic, we have several of highly-qualified fertility specialists who are also impressively experienced, and supported by a dedicated team of IVF co-ordinators, embryologists, a psychologist available to provide additional counselling and even an Egg Donor Fairy God Mother and her team who are dedicated solely to taking the best care possible of our egg donors.

This means you can expect dedicated one-on-one attention – including face-to-face consultations with our experienced specialist team members – at Cape Fertility.

In addition, if you donate eggs at Cape Fertility, you will also receive the maximum permissible compensation allowable in South Africa under the National Guidelines from the South African Society for Reproductive Medicine (SASREG), currently R8000 per donation cycle.

Even if you don’t live in Cape Town, you can still donate your eggs in this beautiful city. If you are selected as a Cape Fertility egg donor, we will arrange for you to travel to Cape Town and stay here for the duration of the egg donation process, at no charge to yourself!

Start your egg donation journey here

If you are willing to donate eggs to help another woman fulfil her dream of having her own baby, you will be pleased to know that the first step is as simple as contacting us.

Simply fill in your contact details here, or contact our Egg Donor Fairy God Mother, Linda, on 066 22 55 003 or linda@capefertility.co.za. Your information is 100% confidential and will under no circumstances be made available to anybody else.

Linda has many years of experience supporting egg donors and a wealth of information to share. She will gladly answer your questions and guide you further in giving the gift of a lifetime. In addition, our team at Cape Fertility Clinic is there with you, supporting you, throughout your entire egg donation process, as well as after your egg donation is completed.

We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly, professional and leading Fertility Clinic and Egg Donor Program!

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